Thursday, December 21, 2017

Island Trees School District, Nassau County, has an immediate probationary opening in high school Spanish.    If you are aware of any students from Adelphi who may be interested, please have them send a cover letter and resume to Mr. Murphy's attention. 

Charles Murphy, Superintendent of Schools Island Trees School District

Spanish Position leave replacement

The East Islip School District is looking for a certified Spanish teacher as a leave replacement with the possibility of  a long term position starting immediately.
Please contact Mr. Israel Malin at 631-22-2115. 

French Program/ Dr. Priya Wadhera

Just to inform you about Priya's  article  that was published today in the peer-reviewed journal Contemporary French and Francophone Studies. You will find the abstract in the link below:

Her article, "Manger chez Perec: Food on the Threshold between Metaphor and Matter in W ou le souvenir d'enfance,” concerns the lack of food and memories in this important book by Perec, published in 1975.  This article informs a chapter in my second book project, tentatively called The Anti-Madeleine: the Denial of Taste in Post-War French Literature.  My book focuses on the myriad ways in which Proust’s famous madeleine episode has been re-written in the century since the first volume of his masterwork was published, focusing on the post-war period in particular. The paper she will give in the spring originates in this project as well.

Happy Holidays, ⛄❄

Friday, December 15, 2017

French program/ TAPIF alumni opportunities

The renowned Institute of French Studies (IFS) at New York University would like to encourage qualified former Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) participants to study in our Master of Arts in French Studies program. To help defray tuition costs, IFS reserves some of our most generous fellowships to top former TAPIF alumni. These fellowships cover between 75% and 100% of tuition costs (currently approximately $37,500 to $50,000). Top former TAPIF alumni will also receive $3,000 summer scholarship during our program’s summer session in Paris.

Applicants must submit all of the required application materials to NYU. NYU will process and consider the application for admission in its normal manner. Application fees will be waived for all former TAPIF participants. The application deadline for the French Studies MA is February 7.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SPA 231 Spanish Cross Cultural/ Dr. Amador

SPA 231 Spanish Cross Cultural had wonderful fiesta to celebrate the upcoming holidays, last Monday, December 11. The students enjoyed food from around the world!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Japanese program/ Dr. Sperbeck

JPN Level II students"

Students tried the art of "shodo", a Japanese calligraphy. The art of "shodo was originated in China and introduced to Japan around the 6th century. Each student picked his/her favorite kanji characters such as 川 meaning 'river' and wrote them on a piece of special paper called 'hanshi' with an ink-dipped brush. They seemed to have enjoyed this cultural activity.

Monday, December 11, 2017

French Program-Dr. Wadhera

I am happy to announce that Priya has had an article accepted to the next issue of the Cahiers George Perec. Esptablished shortly after Pere's death in the 80s, this series of peer-reviewed French-language journals gathers scholarship from the world's foremost experts on his oeuvre. The next issue  is dedicated to Perec, his great influence abroad, and contemporary art. Her contribution will draw attention to her recent book that is the first to draw parallels between Perec and Andy Warhol and address further connections between the two that have recently come to light. This is a great opportunity to make her work know to an international audience of distinguished Perec specialists.