Thursday, May 4, 2017

Prof. Tiffany Taofeng He: the students at Chinese Mandarin Program take a cultural trip to Queesn and Manhattan!

 Saturday, April 29:  Culture trip to Flushing (

Chinatown at Queens) and Manhattan Metropolitan Museum for "The age of Empire" exhibition.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Honor Societies, Honors, Writing Contest and Awards Ceremonies, April 28

 French Program : Pi Delta Phi, Dr. Rudolph and Dr. Wadhera:  Amanda Opromolla and Daniella Volaric

 French Program Dr. Nicole Rudolph
 ITALIAN Program: Gamma  Kappa Alpha: Amanda Opromolla

 Smalley Family Endowment for Italian Language Studies: Amanda Opromolla

 Modern Greek: Prof. Nancy Biska, Ted & Erika Spyropoulos Foundation Scholarship for Modern Greek Studies;  Joseline Guaman

 Mr. Robert Hartmann'52:   Robert Hartmann Scholarship for Excellence in Spanish, Arianna Thomas.

Spanish Program; Sigma Delta Pi:  Sierra Crook, Giovanna Galante,   Angelica Mendez , Kimberly Moreira, Rima Patel,  Jaclyn Torchon,   Monica Velasquez.  Not present:  Samuel Correira, Pedro Izquierdo and  Nathaniel Ramdhany