Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Many Languages One World 2015-Adelphi and the United Nations

I want to share with you the photos and links to the event: Many Languages One World, 2015 held at the United Nations and Adelphi.

Dr. Ana Simón-Alegre from our Department was the professor from the Spanish Group. She had 12 students from Brazil, Haiti, France, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Cote d'ivory and Netherlands. The group was amazing. They spoke to the UN Assemble. 
Here you have the link to watch this incredible event:

Also enjoy the pictures for the  Many Languages One World, 2015 event


And here you have more information about it:

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dr. Villamil-Acera

I want to share the good news about Dr. Rakhel Villamil Acera from our Spanish program.

Her paper "Representaciones de lo trágico en el siglo XX espannol" has been accepted by the Northeast Modern Language Association, NeMLA 2016 Convention in Hartford, Conn.

Congratulations Rakhel!


Dr. Wadhera/Congratulations

I just want to share the goods news about Priya.

Priya has been asked to serve as the representative to the Delegate Assembly for the MLA’s Executive Committee of the Division on Twentieth-Century French Literature.  

She will serve a three-year term as forum delegate beginning immediately with the convention in Austin, Texas in January 2016 and continuing for three years through the conventions in Philadelphia in January 2017 and New York in 2018.  

She will still stand for election this fall to become a member of the Executive Committee of the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures “20th– and 21st-Century French Forum.”  That position would begin with the convention in Philadelphia in 2017 and continue on for five years.

Congratulations Priya for your good work and for serving and representing Adelphi with distinction!